Reflection This Easter Holiday From Our CEO NJERI MBOTE

Reflection This Easter Holiday From Our CEO NJERI MBOTE


''This Easter is the perfect time to take stock and just breathe.''

  1. Reflections on Failure- I’m an optimist. Not the all-consuming optimism of GEN Z, of course. I like to take time off and reflect on my failures. Why did I fail? There are usually four reasons: I failed because it was my first try, I failed because I had the wrong team on board, I failed because the idea was terrible, or I failed because of poor timing. Examining failure can help us improve and avoid investing in dead-end paths.
  2. Reflections on success- As an entrepreneur, it's important to celebrate successes and learn from failures. I love knowing why I won on so I can replicate that success. In business, there are few wins in a given year that you can scale, which is why it's important to multiply success as quickly as possible. For example, I now have a business model that is scalable and successful--I'm looking for investors, friends, and partners so we can scale even faster. Just to be clear, "scaling quickly" means it will take months/years. Entrepreneurs time is like dog years but way slower than human years.
  3. Reflection on Family- As a team leader and MD lately I have been over scheduled. Between making new friends, making new partners, finding new partners, finding money, making money, finding new members of the team, making new members etc. I barely have time for myself but I will never be too overbooked for family. I have made it a habit to at least visit my folks at least twice every 3 months and sometimes it feels easier to not go but my dad taught me the importance of visiting your parents. I saw how he never missed to go visit his mum and they had so many memories together even when grams passed on there was soo much to celebrate not only on what she did for a living and the lives se touched but the memories she created with her children.

This Easter, I know we are not all walking the same path but this three things should be o everyone's list. Let us reflect, recharge and bounce back on Tuesday. As I heard Egertonians say, ''aluta continua'' the struggle continues.

Happy Easter.